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  • Fatigue Simulation Can Increase Product Life, Reduce Costs and Decrease Risk

    A unique and powerful fatigue process is enabled by combining the best-in-class structural simulation tool, ANSYS Mechanical, with ANSYS nCode DesignLife, a leading durability software that works within the integrated ANSYS Workbench environment. Workbench uses parameters to evaluate design options as well as design exploration for full optimization. This fatigue process automates the steps in evaluating product life; it reduces errors when compared with the manual calculation method.

  • Flow Modeling Helps Fan Engineering Company Save $150,000 in Prototyping & Testing Costs

    By using ANSYS Fluent software, AcoustiFLO gained valuable insight into the airflow that would not have been possible with testing-based approaches, increasing efficiency and, saving an estimated $150,000 in prototyping and testing costs while shortening overall development time.

  • Optimizing Power Electronics Thermal Management

    ANSYS Icepack software allows the prediction of the entire temperature field of the coupled HiPak module–heat exchanger system from ABB.

  • Reducing Development Time for a Luxury Watch

    ANSYS simulation is combined with Swiss precision to reduce development time at one of world’s most luxurious and exclusive watch manufacturers. ANSYS LS-Dyna software allows designers to model and analyze the transient dynamics of the date display mechanism to the exacting precision required.

  • Reducing Material Costs for a Water Container

    R&D reduced material costs for a water container by 10 percent while maintaining product integrity. Simulation during the design process for a blow-molded 1,000 liter water container involved three main steps: model verification and comparison with existing experimental data, weight reduction/optimization through parison programming and  coupling with ANSYS Mechanical for top-load analysis and ANSYS Explicit STR for drop analysis.

  • Using Sensitivity Studies to Evaluate a Concrete Arch Dam

    ANSYS DesignXplorer VT helps to reduce project cost and provides engineers with insight into structure behavior. In evaluating the dam, URS engineers performed sensitivity and parametric studies using ANSYS DesignXplorer VT to assess the influence of a range of variables on structural strength, including concrete wall and foundation rock material properties as well as maximum load assumptions. Results from the sensitivity studies using ANSYS DesignXplorer VT quickly showed that the behavior of the dam was influenced by foundation strength assumptions more than any other parameter.

  • Cable Protection Leader Achieves Zero-Defect Goal with Simulation

    Cable protection systems actively guard against temperature changes, mechanical compression and abrasion, chemical damage by fuel or oil, and electromagnetic interference. Schlemmer uses ANSYS structural mechanics simulation to virtually test these systems for bending and crushing to improve product robustness while reducing the number of expensive prototypes required.

  • Simulation Leads to Developing Faster Tire Balancing Machines

    QuEST Global helped Hennessy Industries to design a frame for a tire-balancing machine that would balance automobile wheels in a shorter period of time. The team needed to attenuate the noise generated by the frame during the start of the balance cycle so that the machine's sensors could determine whether any "out of balance" exists in the wheel assembly.