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  • AC Motor Drive Using Cosimulation

    Motors integrated with advanced power-electronic converters enable more-efficient operation and deliver improved performance. However, these integrated electronic designs pose significant challenges to design engineers. When designing an AC drive, engineers face a wide variety of problems in combining several engineering domains that interact within the device. Using the ANSYS motor and drive design workflow offers many advantages for this application.

  • Accelerating the Engineering of 3-D Glasses with ANSYS HPC

    NVIDIA Corporation, based in Santa Clara, U.S.A., deploys ANSYS software to predict phenomena such as large deflection and bending of printed circuit boards (PCBs), thermal creep of solder joints, PCB shock and vibration, and even mechanical performance of 3-D glasses. NVIDIA uses ANSYS technology for a range of applications (including structural, fluids and electro-magnetic simulations) in a high-performance computing(HPC) environment that includes workstations and servers.

  • Getting Connected with ANSYS EKM

    ANSYS EKM helps engineering teams improve productivity by organizing simulation data locally and worldwide. ANSYS EKM manages the richness and complexity of simulation data in a way that makes it easy for the individual to function in a workgroup, while making it possible to share the context of simulation with CAE users enterprise-wide. This software system allows organizations to get connected to streamline processes, protect intellectual property, share best practices and foster innovation.

  • Getting the Mast from Virtual Prototyping

    Structural simulation tools help optimize main mast weight to increase megayacht sailing performance. Starting with models developed by Perini Navi in ANSYS Mechanical software for structural simulation, analysts parameterized the models using the ANSYS DesignModeler application within the ANSYS Workbench platform.

  • Streamlining the Design Process Using Direct CAD Interfaces

    Many of those involved in engineering simulation feel that embedded CAD tools should be used for upfront simulation because they are tightly linked to the CAD model, whereas CAD-neutral systems, such as those employed in software from ANSYS, are better used downstream of the design process for validation. However, using the ANSYS direct CAD interfaces provides some benefits that CAD-embedded tools cannot offer.

  • Warming Up to Direct Modeling

    Advanced CAE model preparation enhances pellet stove design and optimization.

  • ANSYS Helps KTM Develop a 21st Century Super Sports Car

    The KTM X-Bow is the world’s first production car with a monocoque, in which the external skin of the vehicle provides structural support. This monocoque is made from carbon composites materials and was designed using ANSYS Composite PrepPost.

  • Reducing Aircraft Weight with Advanced Composite Materials

    Relying on ANSYS Composite PrepPost helped EADS Innovation Works to develop lightweight composites in aircraft design. ANSYS Composite PrepPost provided simple pre- and post-processing of composite designs within ANSYS Workbench, significantly reducing modeling times. ANSYS Simulation provided accurate results and reduced modeling time over traditional methods.