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  • Analysis of a Large Die Attachment with Epoxy Adhesive

    Die attachment is an important process in the packaging of silicon components and will have ramifications on a wide range of electronic products, from mobile phones to digital televisions. The quality of the bond between the die and substrate will be critical to the longevity and operation of an electronic device. For the case of die attachment, CAE Associates has implemented a Carreau-type viscosity model to represent the shear thinning characteristics of the epoxy.

  • Heat Exchanger Cooling Analysis

    Heat exchangers are commonly used devices in many industries to provide cooling for critical machine parts. Whether developing a new heat exchanger or optimizing the design of an existing one, understanding the coupled fluid flow and heat transfer physics, or the “conjugate heat transfer” process, associated with heat exchanger operation, is essential to provide better cooling performance.

  • An Easy-to-Use Tool for Generating a Spoke Connection in ANSYS

    The process of creating the spoke connection can often be time consuming and the user may not be aware of which connections are valid for the analysis conditions. To address this need CAE Associates has developed an ANSYS macro that walks the user through the generation of the spoke connection.

  • ANSYS/LS-Dyna Analysis of a Valve Actuator for Stanley Bostitch

    Stanley Bostitch was designing a new valve actuator for their next generation of pneumatic power tools. CAE Associates was asked to develop the design tool, which would help them to improve valve timing without adversely affecting other critical design criteria.

  • ANSYS Workbench Plastic Cake Container Optimization

    Inline Plastics Corporation designs and manufactures plastic containers used to package food items. The manufacturing process starts with rolls of plastic that are fed into machines that form the final shape of the containers. The design goal was to optimize the cake container design with respect to material use and visibility, while maintaining sufficient structural stiffness to prevent buckling when the containers are stacked or when handled by consumers. Inline Plastics chose CAE Associates to help with this project based on our expertise in nonlinear structural analysis and optimization.

  • Multi-Part Projectile FSI Analysis

    CAE Associates was chosen to help develop the solution based on our long history of ballistics analysis, our expertise in explicit dynamics, and our experience in the use of the AUTODYN software. CAE Associates’ client was interested in developing a methodology for the explicit analysis of multi-part projectiles using the ANSYS AUTODYN software. Prior methods did not adequately capture the complex interactions and physics required for an accurate solution to this problem.

  • Parametric Modeling of an Otis Elevator Safety Brake

    Faced with a design challenge, Otis Elevator turned to CAE Associates. CAE Associates utilized the ANSYS general purpose finite element software to develop a parametric model of the safety design.

  • ANSYS/LS-Dyna Drop Simulations for Stryker Orthopaedics

    Stryker Orthopaedics, a leading developer of orthopaedic joint replacement devices, was interested in studying how shock loads in a knee joint can affect the way a patient "feels" the joint as they walk. Based on Stryker's positive experiences with prior modeling and training provided by CAE Associates, CAE Associates was chosen to develop and validate a modeling tool for this purpose.