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  • Heat Transfer Analysis & Heat Exchanger Analysis

    Heat transfer is a typical application for engineering analysis and is routinely requested as part of CAE Associates’ CFD consulting services. For example, heat exchangers, turbine blades, combustors, furnaces, and electronic package cooling devices all require heat transfer analysis as part of the overall system engineering analysis.

  • CFD Analysis & Turbulence Modeling of Golf Club Drag Force

    A client asked CAE Associates’ CFD consultants to perform a CFD analysis by conducting an aerodynamic performance simulation for two candidate driver designs. The primary goal of the CFD analysis was to compare the drag force between the two configurations with a nominal speed of 100 mph (just prior to contact with the golf ball).

  • ANSYS LS-DYNA Analysis of Total Knee-Prosthesis Using Finite Element Analysis

    For this project, MAKO Surgical chose CAE Associates to perform a finite element analysis of the artificial knee in order to develop comparative metrics for wear in the joint. The finite element analysis was conducted with the understanding that CAE Associates would perform the initial runs and transfer the model to MAKO Surgical for further analysis.

  • Telescope Sensor Raft/Tower Model

    Scientists and engineers at Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) are responsible for the design of sensor raft towers used in a new Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST). CAE Associates was asked to review the models and make modifications to assure correct modeling procedures and inputs.

  • FEA Strength and Fatigue Evaluation of an Orthopedic Device

    The goal of this project was to perform a strength and fatigue evaluation of a nitinol orthopedic implant in a fairly short amount of time. CAE Associates utilized the ANSYS Mechanical software to perform the geometric and material nonlinear simulations that modeled the device and test assembly.

  • Boat Hull Multi-Paneled Window Stress Analysis

    A leading manufacturer of boating equipment had to meet strict deflection and stress requirements for a multi-panel boat hull window within very limited time constraints. CAE Associates was chosen for this project based on our experience and expertise for projects of this type, and on our commitment to produce the results within the narrow time frame allotted.

  • Bone Remodeling Predictions using ANSYS

    Stryker Orthopaedics, a global leader in the development, manufacture and sale of orthopaedic products and services, sought to develop customized finite element simulations to evaluate long term, bone-implant interaction by characterizing bone density changes in hip and knee replacement recipients over a period of years. CAE Associates incorporated a bone remodeling algorithm into ANSYS via the USERMAT material model user-subroutine.

  • Balloon Angioplasty Finite Element Analysis

    To better understand the effects of different angioplasty balloon compliances, a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) computer simulation was performed by CAE Associates, using commercially available nylon (semi-compliant) and PET composite (non-compliant) balloons.¹ The simulations demonstrate the effect of balloon compliance on vessel stress during angioplasty.