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  • VTOL Vehicle Design and Development

    Morgan Aircraft is developing a breakthrough technology for Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft. By using an innovative propulsion system, the VTOL aircraft is designed to be a passenger aircraft that can take off and land from virtually any location. Knowing that precise prediction of aerodynamic performance and stability is critical to the success of the program, Morgan Aircraft requested CAE Associates to lead the research and simulation effort.

  • Sphere Impact Modeling - Automation Script Development

    A leading global research center wanted the means to assess the effects of geometric and material parameters on the impact behavior of multi-layered materials. To this end, they asked CAE Associates to develop parametric ANSYS scripts that automatically create LS-Dyna models of sphere impacts on multi-layered assemblies.

  • Providing Alternate Solutions to Engineering Problems

    Properly applying boundary conditions is critical to the validity of any finite element solution. An example of this is the modeling of a pinned connection between two or more components. Sikorsky turned to the engineers at CAE Associates for assistance with the modeling approach.

  • Analysis of Cavitation Inside a Francis Turbine

    CAE Associates’ CFD consultants performed a CFD analysis of flow through a Francis turbine, in order to identify potential cavitating regions within the turbine for different guide vane angles and operating pressures. We utilized the ANSYS® Fluent suite of CFD software for this application due to its multiphase and turbulence modeling capabilities.

  • Particle-Laden Spray Dryer Flowfield Analysis

    The CFD consultants at CAE Associates are very familiar with techniques necessary to get fast, accurate solutions for spray dryer behavior. We use the ANSYS suite of CFD software, including CFX and Fluent, to ensure high-fidelity solutions.

  • Thermal Radiation Analysis for a Portable Nuclear Waste Storage Unit

    CAE Associates was asked to perform a CFD analysis of a storage unit in order to assess its behavior under a variety of external environmental conditions and provide assurances that it will function according to specification.

  • CFD Analysis of Data Center Cooling

    An increased demand for computational resources in nearly every industry and the availability of affordable hardware have led to a significant growth in data center facilities all across the world. Advancements in chip design, such as multiple core CPUs, has resulted in denser computers with increased power consumption and heat generation. Reduced space and increased heat output of the server units poses a significant challenge for the cooling system design of these centers. CAE Associates recently conducted a CFD analysis of an air-cooled small data center design using the ANSYS CFX suite of simulation tools.

  • Worldwide Face Shield: Impact Modeling to Improve Product Design

    Honeywell Safety Products designed its new Worldwide Face Shield to meet the highest impact test standards. Honeywell asked CAE Associates to develop computer models that could replicate the behavior of the current face shield design and provide a good prediction of the behavior of future designs.