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  • Advanced Crack Growth Analyses of Heat Exchanger Components

    A major manufacturer of heat exchanger components for airframe and high-temperature jet engine applications contacted CAE Associates when they needed advanced crack growth analyses to certify their products to meet military requirements.

  • Advanced Light Weight Weapons Integration Platform (ALWiP) Structural Finite Element Analysis

    The ALWiP is a weapons mount platform that enables the weaponization of commercial helicopters for use in tactical aerial defense situations. The image above shows the ALWiP mounted on a BELL 407 helicopter in a configuration that allows for the use of Hellfire missiles and M134 Miniguns.

  • Aerodynamic Analysis of an Airbrake System

    CFD analysis of an air brake system successfully provides critical three-dimensional flowfield information for design engineers to improve existing designs.

  • An Easy-to-Use Tool for Generating a Spoke Connection in ANSYS

    The process of creating the spoke connection can often be time consuming and the user may not be aware of which connections are valid for the analysis conditions. To address this need CAE Associates has developed an ANSYS macro that walks the user through the generation of the spoke connection.

  • Analysis of a Large Die Attachment with Epoxy Adhesive

    Die attachment is an important process in the packaging of silicon components and will have ramifications on a wide range of electronic products, from mobile phones to digital televisions. The quality of the bond between the die and substrate will be critical to the longevity and operation of an electronic device. For the case of die attachment, CAE Associates has implemented a Carreau-type viscosity model to represent the shear thinning characteristics of the epoxy.

  • Analysis of Cavitation Inside a Francis Turbine

    CAE Associates’ CFD consultants performed a CFD analysis of flow through a Francis turbine, in order to identify potential cavitating regions within the turbine for different guide vane angles and operating pressures. We utilized the ANSYS® Fluent suite of CFD software for this application due to its multiphase and turbulence modeling capabilities.

  • Analysis of Ceramic Vane Airfoils

    Aircraft engine manufacturers are always seeking to increase power and efficiency of their engine designs via lighter engine components and higher operating temperatures. Pratt & Whitney, along with United Technologies Research Center, sought to improve the design of vane airfoils in terms of temperature range and weight by using a ceramic material. CAE Associates created three-dimensional models of several different vane designs to determine stresses in the ceramic at room temperature and operating conditions.

  • Analysis of Elevator Cab Assembly for Strength & Dynamic Response

    For this project, CAE Associates created models of one system, while coaching the customer in the application of the finite element method for future product developments.