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  • Top Ten Postprocessing Tips in Mechanical - ANSYS e-Learning

    This e-Learning session is the long-awaited sequel to CAE Associates’ “Top Ten Cool Features in Mechanical” and like The Empire Strikes Back, it's better than the original!

    Mike and Pat demonstrate ANSYS Mechanical postprocessing tips that are guaranteed to save you time and make you the star of your next finite element themed cocktail party! 

  • Topology Optimization Methods in Workbench - ANSYS e-Learning

    Parts are typically designed by improving on existing concepts or previously-established designs. But what can you do if you don't have a concept to work from and are looking for a completely novel design? The answer: Topology optimization. Topology optimization can produce working concepts that are optimized to a set of design criteria.

  • Tips & Tricks for Modeling Plasticity - ANSYS e-Learning

    Linear elastic material modeling is an excellent assumption for structures that undergo small deformations and return to their original shape upon removal of load.  Using just an elastic modulus and Poisson's ratio for the initial simulation is a good practice for all analyses, since it solves in a single iteration and provides benchmark stress results.  However, many materials undergo permanent deformation and/or soften with increased loading making this linear assumption invalid. More accurate simulations require a nonlinear material model.

  • Best of High Tech - ANSYS Advantage

    ANSYS simulation tools play an important part in the smart product journey. From semiconductor design to structural integrity and aerodynamic performance, high-fidelity 3-D simulation enables engineers to converge on the best solutions faster, gain quicker insight into trade-offs, and minimize over-design with ease.  This issue of ANSYS Advantage illustrates the vital role that simulation plays in high tech, product development.  Read real-world stories of product success.

  • Fluent for CFX Users - ANSYS e-Learning

    ANSYS Fluent and ANSYS CFX are now included with the ANSYS CFD Enterprise or CFD Premium license. Solving a diverse set of fluid-flow problems is now more accessible than ever with the availability of two-flow solvers at your disposal.

    This webinar shows how to set up & run a conjugate heat transfer analysis with Fluent, and how the process compares to CFX and demonstrates the basics of navigating the Fluent interface.

    Topics Include:

  • SpaceClaim Direct Modeler for Parametric Analysis - ANSYS e-Learning

    ANSYS SpaceClaim is now included as a standard geometry preprocessing option in ANSYS Mechanical Enterprise and is ready for you to use! CAE Associates' Engineering Manager Eric Stamper demonstrates how easy it is to use SpaceClaim to turn a CAD model into a parametric model that can be used to quickly investigate multiple design scenarios, as well as explore other capabilities of SpaceClaim.

  • Reverse Engineering with SpaceClaim

    This instructional video demonstrates how ANSYS SpaceClaim 17.1 can be used for reverse engineering. It walks through the steps to convert a scanned surface of a gear (an STL file) into a 3d CAD model that can be used for manufacturing.

  • Explore & Optimize Your Designs with DesignXplorer - e-Learning Presentation

    This presentation accompanied the ANSYS e-Learning session: Explore & Optimize Your Design with DesignXplorer, originally given in February 2017 by CAE Associates.  View a recording of the session.