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  • CivilFEM Capability Overview

    An overview of CivilFEM for ANSYS software that includes a discussion of the capabilities of the software and the many types of complex civil engineering structural analyses that can be done with CivilFEM; specifically bridge, geotechnical, nuclear and building design.

  • CivilFEM for Nuclear Applications

    This presentation highlights the specific CivilFEM for ANSYS software simulation capabilities in the area of nuclear power plant design.

  • Optimization and Structural Analysis of IKEA Mall Foundation Slab

    ANSYS and CivilFEM were used the analysis of the soil structure interaction for the planned foundation slab for the construction of an IKEA shopping complex. The analyses led to a 20% reduction in the thickness of the slab, which resulted in overall cost savings for the structure.

  • Foundation Analysis of Electrical Power Plant CE1

    Details the use of CivilFEM for ANSYS software to analyze the soil stress distribution on the foundation of an electrical power plant that was under construction. The analyses validated the structure, and allowed construction to continue.

  • Foundation Analysis for Windmills of Acciona Eolica - Square Base of Circular Pedestal

    CivilFEM for ANSYS software was used to analyze the interaction of the terrain with the base of the windmill structure. The analysis was done in order to optimize the amount on concrete needed, as well as evaluate the overall safety of the pedestal and resulted in significant cost savings.

  • Finite Element Analysis of Pile Group Foundation of Sutong Bridge Using CivilFEM with ANSYS

    The Sutong Bridge, crossing China's Yangtze River is one of the world's longest cable-stayed bridges. The pile group foundation was analyzed using CivilFEM for ANSYS and the data from the nonlinear analysis of the soil- structure interaction between the pipe and soil validated experimental data.

  • CivilFEM for Bridge Design & Analysis

    This presentation shows how it is possible to quickly create virtual models of pre- and post-tensioned concrete and steel bridges and highlights the unequaled depth and breadth of CivilFEM for ANSYS simulation technologies. Demonstrations are provided of the modeling wizards, nonlinear construction sequence modeling and automated load combination and code checking capabilities.

  • CivilFEM for Geotechnical Applications

    This presentation shows how engineers can quickly create quickly create virtual models of soil and soil-structure interaction analyses using CivilFEM software. Example applications are used to illustrate pile, foundation and tunneling wizards applicable to design.