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  • Solving Coupled Power and Signal Integrity Problems

    LSI Corporation uses ANSYS tools to model the behavior of a system on a chip (SOC) under load; engineers also diagnose and solve both power integrity and signal integrity issues in a single environment. LSI designs semiconductors and software that accelerate storage and networking in datacenters, mobile networks and client computing. The company developed a methodology to address power and signal integrity issues in a holistic manner by leveraging ANSYS chip–package–system solutions.

  • Optimizing Body-Worn Wireless Devices

    Using a wireless device in close proximity to the human body creates a number of major design challenges. The radiated power of the device must be kept below levels that can create a health hazard. The device’s power consumption, size, aspect ratio and weight must be minimized to make it suitable for wearing. Yet the device must be designed to deliver a signal of sufficient power to the right location, with good reception by the target device — despite the fact that the human body may absorb a significant portion of the signal.

  • ANSYS Saves Time & Money When Designing PCBs

    Interconnect Engineering Inc. has long used and supported ANSYS electronic design tools, this project provided the opportunity to put the new ANSYS Electronics Desktop to the test. This tool provided a major advantage in this application by reducing the amount of time required to analyze the design in both the time and the frequency domains. The Electronics Desktop integrates EM tools, circuit/system simulation, ECAD links and compliance reporting. This new technology delivers a single desktop for system simulation  design.

  • Static Mixer Fatigue Life Assessment with ANSYS Mechanical

    The Norsea Gas Terminal in Northern Germany plays a vital role in the connection of pipeline systems coming from the North Sea to the natural gas distribution network throughout Germany. Built in 1977, the terminal was set to be replaced in 2015 by the GASSCO Emden terminal being built by Linde Engineering to ensure the continued safe and reliable delivery of natural gas to the region.

  • Driving Value with ANSYS and CAE Associates

    An overview of the advantages of implementing a Simulation-Driven product development process, and how ANSYS and CAE Associates work together to provide you with the best combination of

  • volAvg.wbex

    This ACT extension will calculate the volume averaged stress for a selected volume or set of elements.  The element averaged stresses are calculated via a simple numerical averaging of the nodal values.  These values are multiplied by the element volume then summed up and divided by the total volume of the selected region.

    This extension is intended for use in ANSYS version 16.2 or later.


    To install a compiled ACT Extension (*.wbex file):

  • Assembly Modeling Capabilities in ANSYS - Video

    This short video demonstrates the assembly modeling capabilities of ANSYS Mechanical v16.

  • Advanced Meshing Capabilities in ANSYS - Video

    This short video demonstrates the Advanced Mehsing capabilities in ANSYS Mechanical v16.