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Transient Dynamics with Workbench LS-Dyna e-Learning Presentation

This presentation accompanied the Transient Dynamics with Workbench LS-Dyna ANSYS e-Learning session, originally given in February 2013 by CAE Associates.  To view a recording of the session, click here.

LS-DYNA is a powerful commercial finite element program used in many different industries for simulating complex transient dynamics problems. Its explicit time integration solver and robust nonlinear capabilities make it particularly robust for solving high-energy impact problems, which can include complex material responses and failure.

ANSYS Workbench/LS-DYNA is a new user environment for pre-processing, solving, and post-processing LS-DYNA models. It combines the power of the LS-DYNA solver with the robust geometry processing, meshing, and ease-of-use of the ANSYS Workbench environment.

In this ANSYS e-Learning session, CAE Associates’ Senior Engineering Manager Steven Hale demonstrates procedures for setting up a transient dynamics impact model in Workbench/LS-Dyna, solving the model, and reviewing results.

Topics Include:

  • Defining material properties
  • Specifying contacts between part
  • Applying dynamic loads and initial conditions
  • Configuring time controls
  • Reviewing transient results