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Structural Element Selection e-Learning Presentation

This presentation accompanied the Structural Element Selection ANSYS e-Learning session, originally given in October 2012 by CAE Associates.  To view a recording of the session, click here.

With over 160 element types to choose from, it is not always an easy task for the engineer to select the most efficient ones for their analysis.  Geometry, loading and required results all need to be evaluated as part of the element selection process.

While the ANSYS Workbench environment automates many element type selections, one can always benefit from a systematic process of prescribing explicitly the most effective and efficient beam, shell, solid or contact element types for the job.

CAE Associates’ Vice President Peter Barrett guides you through the process of structural analysis element selection.  You will learn how to:

  • Follow  a step-by-step procedure for element type selection
  • Easily access all the ANSYS elements in Workbench Mechanical either automatically or via user defined command blocks
  • Understand how to combine different element types within a single analysis\
  • Understand results from beam, shell and solid elements
  • Access specialty elements including rigid joints that can be used to create more accurate loads and boundary condition.

If you are just using the default elements in Workbench Mechanical or need a refresher on the different elements available, you should view this e-Learning session to expand your analysis expertise.