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Sphere Impact Modeling - Automation Script Development

A leading global research center wanted the means to assess the effects of geometric and material parameters on the impact behavior of multi-layered materials. To this end, they asked CAE Associates to develop parametric ANSYS scripts that automatically create LS-Dyna models of sphere impacts on multi-layered assemblies. The goal was to allow the user to readily modify the parameters in order to determine their effects on critical impact results such as plastic energy, indentation size, and recoil velocity.

The ANSYS scripts were developed to generate complete models from scratch, including geometry, mesh, contact, and LS-Dyna specific solution commands. A large number of input and output parameters were built into the scripts, allowing research engineers to rapidly evaluate the relative effect of each parameter on the impact response and energy-absorbing behavior of the structure. These parameters not only included layer thicknesses and properties but also items like impact sphere diameter, impact angle, and impact velocity. This ultimately provided a robust tool for improving the impact behavior of multi-layer structures under a wide range of impact conditions.