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Optimizing Body-Worn Wireless Devices

Using a wireless device in close proximity to the human body creates a number of major design challenges. The radiated power of the device must be kept below levels that can create a health hazard. The device’s power consumption, size, aspect ratio and weight must be minimized to make it suitable for wearing. Yet the device must be designed to deliver a signal of sufficient power to the right location, with good reception by the target device — despite the fact that the human body may absorb a significant portion of the signal.

Synapse Product Development solves such difficult engineering challenges using the ANSYS HFSS 3-D full-wave electromagnetic (EM) simulator and the ANSYS human body model to evaluate the performance of various antenna designs by modeling the complete system, including the wireless device and antenna and their interactions with the human body. The ability to evaluate designs without building physical prototypes typically helps Synapse engineers to increase the performance of the antenna by a factor of five compared to the original design concept.