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Nonlinear Buckling Analysis - e-Learning Presentation

This presentation accompanied the Nonlinear Buckling Analysis ANSYS e-Learning session, originally given in November 2014 by CAE Associates.  To view a recording of the session, click here.

A common concern in structures subjected to compressive loading is failure due to buckling.  Buckling is a structural instability that can be addressed using both linear and nonlinear approaches.  In this ANSYS e-Learning session, CAE Associates' Senior Engineering Manager Mike Bak discusses the following topics:

  • Overview and demonstration of performing a linear buckling analysis to obtain the theoretical buckling factor.
  • Introduction to the nonlinear buckling approach to obtain a more conservative buckling response.
  • Creation of imperfections in “perfect” structural models to obtain more realistic buckling response.
  • Methods for determining when buckling occurs and modeling post-buckling behavior using ANSYS Mechanical (Workbench)