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Multi-Part Projectile FSI Analysis

CAE Associates’ client was interested in developing a methodology for the explicit analysis of multi-part projectiles using the ANSYS AUTODYN software. Prior methods did not adequately capture the complex interactions and physics required for an accurate solution to this problem.

CAE Associates was chosen to help develop the solution based on our long history of ballistics analysis, our expertise in explicit dynamics, and our experience in the use of the AUTODYN software.

In this device, a cavity fills with high pressure gas as it's fired from a gun. Upon exiting the barrel, the high pressure gas inside the projectile escapes and causes the separation of the projectile into two parts. The pressure and time history response during the separation event are critical to understand in order to avoid an early separation of the projectile within the gun, potentially causing damage to the barrel.

Working closely with the customer, CAE Associates developed detailed analysis procedures for how to perform a 3D Coupled Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) analysis within AUTODYN to simulate the behavior of the projectile. AUTODYN was selected for this application because of its unique capability to fully couple the interactions between both gas / solid and solid / solid parts.

As part of the project, a template was created by CAE Associates to guide our client through the analysis of this class of problem, and presented as part of a brief training session. Details included how to setup the problem in ANSYS Workbench and then perform the analysis using AUTODYN.

The developed procedures not only streamlined the analysis process, but resulted in an accurate prediction of the projectile's internal pressure history during its exit from the barrel and separation, as compared to test data.