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Gas Turbine Engine Thrust Link

A major gas turbine manufacturer asked CAE Associates to perform a static stress analysis of a preliminary design for an engine thrust link assembly. The primary purpose of a thrust link assembly is to transmit the tremendous thrust generated by the engine to the air frame. The assembly can be thought of as a sophisticated connecting rod that is designed with a special joint at each end to eliminate the transmission of twisting and bending loads.

Engine Thrust Link Assembly

The ½ symmetry 3-D model featured multiple contact interfaces and employed substructuring techniques for solution. An efficient hexahedral-to-tetrahedral mesh transition feature was used to efficiently combine meshes in irregular and regular shaped regions.

Cut-Away View of Joint Interfaces

CAE Associates' engineers discovered some high stress regions in portions of the assembly. This information was used by the client to make design modifications before expensive component testing was conducted.

Link Tensile Stresses