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Customized Dynamics Training

CAE Associates offers a wide range of finite element and CFD-related training classes. Most are generally suitable for a wide range of client applications.  In some cases, clients have very specific requirements and are looking to focus the training to achieve specific goals.   To address these needs, CAE Associates frequently develops training courses that focus on a particular customer application.  Standard class topics and workshops are paired with custom exercises and often include the customer’s geometry and loading environments.

Goodrich Sensors and Integrated Systems is one such example.  The company was in the midst of a pre-sale evaluation of ANSYS and wanted to enable several key individuals to self-validate the software for the types of problems they commonly encounter.  Goodrich’s product line consists primarily of electronic equipment and the team needed to understand how to set up a model and run harmonic response, random vibration, and transient dynamic analyses in ANSYS. To complicate matters, the internal evaluation schedule required that the customized training be developed within a very short timeframe and be limited in duration.

Custom Workshop Example

CAE Associates discussed Goodrich’s requirements in detail and was able to quickly create a customized class consisting of the modeling operations, mesh controls, and analysis settings commonly used in the dynamics analysis of electronic equipment. While the training was limited in scope due to time restrictions, it provided the client with the essentials required to continue with their successful evaluation and adhere to their schedule. Subsequent to the software purchase, a series of full training classes was conducted to cover the material skipped in the abbreviated session.

According to Christopher Wilson, Engineering Manager of the Vehicle Health Hardware Development Group at Goodrich Sensors and Integrated Systems: “The custom training course presented by CAE Associates allowed Goodrich engineers to quickly determine the capability of ANSYS to solve their unique aerospace product analytical challenges.  CAE assembled a one day training course that allowed the engineering team to understand how to start from an existing design, build a finite element model, define the applicable loads and boundary conditions and to achieve reliable results.  We are happy to have CAE available to support our unique training needs.”