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Combustion, Multiple Species & Chemical Reacting Flows

Combustor flowfield prediction presents one of the most challenging CFD applications. It involves multiple chemical species, fuel spray which involves two phase flow analysis with particle tracking, evaporation, momentum exchange with the mean flow, chemical reactions, premixed or diffusion flame zones, and the associated strong heat release. Each of the physics involves requires detailed understanding of the complicated flow physics as well as the chemical kinetics. Applications include gas turbine combustors, piston engine combustors, furnaces, etc.

With the advancement of CFD technology, analysis including the aforementioned phenomena has become an essential part of combustor designs. The picture above shows the streamline patterns and the incoming oxidizer reacting with the fuel, which is injected thorough a series of holes on the perimeter of the “can” type combustor. The red area indicates high temperature regions of the chemical reaction and diffusion flame zone.