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Building Flow Domains with DesignModeler - ANSYS e-Learning

The first step in any CFD analysis is to identify and extract the flow domain to be considered. When using traditional CAD programs for complex geometries, building the flow domain can be a daunting task.

ANSYS DesignModeler allows you to simplify your working geometry and extract the flow domain without changes to the original CAD file. ANSYS DesignModeler's powerful analysis-specific geometry tools help prepare your model for meshing.

In this ANSYS e-Learning session, CAE Associates' Project Manager Mike Kuron demonstrates the procedure for extracting internal and external flow domains using ANSYS DesignModeler.

Topics Include:

  • Importing CAD geometry
  • Geometry simplification tools
  • Flow domain extraction techniques

If you wish the view the accompanying Powerpoint presentation, please click here.

If you cannot access the video above, you can view this ANSYS e-Learning session here.

The complete library of ANSYS e-Learning series recordings is available for viewing via CAE Associates YouTube Channel.

This session is a recording of a live presentation. Please note that you cannot obtain a PE credit by viewing this recording.