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Assembling Models in ANSYS Mechanical - ANSYS e-Learning

Consider two scenarios where you would like assemble finite element models in the ANSYS Workbench Mechanical tool:

In the first case, you have legacy mesh files from ANSYS MAPDL (often referred to as ANSYS classic) that you need to import into ANSYS Mechanical.  The files consist of only nodes and elements and the Workbench Mechanical environment requires geometry in order to pre and post process the model.  The v15 External Model Utility will enable you to import and combine finite element mesh files in the Mechanical environment.  Geometry is constructed from the finite element facets and can be used to define contact regions and boundary conditions in Mechanical.

In the second case, you have separate Workbench models that you need to combine.  You could use DesignModeler to create a geometry model of the assembly, but the component models are already set up with mesh controls, contact regions, and boundary conditions that would be time consuming to redefine.   Using the ACT Assembly Manager Extension, you can combine Mechanical models along with the individual model setup items into an assembly. 

This 30 minute e-Learning session demonstrates the v15 External Model Utility and the ACT Assembly Manager Extension.   If you are looking to to combine multiple component models into an assembly with no re-work, and/or want to import "Classic" ANSYS models into Workbench, this video will help you.

If you cannot access the video above, you can view this ANSYS e-Learning session here.

The complete library of ANSYS e-Learning series recordings is available for viewing via CAE Associates YouTube Channel.