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ANSYS Saves Time & Money When Designing PCBs

Interconnect Engineering Inc. has long used and supported ANSYS electronic design tools, this project provided the opportunity to put the new ANSYS Electronics Desktop to the test. This tool provided a major advantage in this application by reducing the amount of time required to analyze the design in both the time and the frequency domains. The Electronics Desktop integrates EM tools, circuit/system simulation, ECAD links and compliance reporting. This new technology delivers a single desktop for system simulation  design. Users can insert HF/SI analyses into projects that co-exist, with drag-and- drop dynamic links between electromagnetic and circuit simulations for simple problem setup and reliable performance.

Working within a single graphical user interface, rather than moving back and forth between several different programs, eliminates the need to export data from one program to
another. The entire project was completed in about four weeks. During this time, Interconnect Engineering investigated dozens of potential solutions. The company recommended a design that provided sufficient positive margin to ensure that the channel will work under any foreseeable circumstances, while keeping manufacturing costs at the lowest practical levels. The network equipment supplier built the prototype based on the simulation results, and it worked as predicted. The result was that the networking supplier saved hundreds of thousands of dollars and months of time that potentially would have been required to develop a working product without simulation. This vendor also kept manufacturing costs at or near the lowest possible levels and saved customer relationships by meeting product time-to-market goals.