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17.0 ANSYS Update Seminar - Multiphysics Demonstration

This presentation accompanied a live demonstration that illustrated the depth and breadth of the ANSYS family of products in v17. It was given at CAE Associates' ANSYS 17.0 Update Seminars in March 2016. 

Scenario:  Your company designs and manufactures gear boxes.  You recently switched your gears supplier and are now experiencing an increase in field failures.  The gear supplier is claiming that the failures are not their fault.  You are tasked with determining the root cause of the and the modifications required to correct the problem. The issues you need to contend with are as follows: you do not have a CAD file of the gear, you use induction heating to assemble the gear and shaft and you need to determine if the resulting assembly loads are contributing to the field failures.

The approach is outlined below:

1) Scan the actual gear and use reverse engineering to generate CAD geometry using SpaceClaim.

2) Calculate the ohmic losses of the induction heating process of the gear using Maxwell.

3) Calculate the resulting temperature distribution in the gear using Fluent.

4) Assemble the gear/shaft and calculate the residual stress using Mechanical.

5) Add the operational load and estimate the life of the gear using the Fatigue Tool.