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Peter Barrett M.S.C.E., P.E. - VP

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As Vice-President of CAE Associates, Peter manages consulting and engineering services, as well as ANSYS training. With over 30 years experience in thermal-structural nonlinear and dynamic analysis applications using the finite element method, Peter's structural engineering applications include: Nuclear, Aerospace, Biomedical, and Offshore structures. He served as a technical consultant and helped develop finite element models used to characterize the thermal-structural response of the World Trade Center towers subjected to fire and impact damage. He has taught over 200 ANSYS training classes over the last 20 years for companies of all sizes. In addition, Peter provides ANSYS and CivilFEM hotline technical support to customers. Peter is a registered Civil Engineer in the state of California since 1984.

When not at the office, Peter enjoys platform tennis, tennis, golf, cycling, hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, backpacking and photography.


Master of Science, Structural Engineering and Structural Mechanics, University of California at Berkeley

Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, University of California at Davis

Recent Posts:

December 13, 2016

Threaded connections come in many forms, from screws to bolts to fitted pipes.  More than 300 billion fasteners are used in the US every year. Threaded joints are often the controlling design connection where failures may occur due to corrosion, fatigue, or excessive shear or pull out force. Standard screws and bolts are typically designed using vendor-prescribed force data without the need for detailed simulation.

October 11, 2016

When performing dynamic analyses of structures with support feet, the boundary conditions imposed on these feet can play a major role in their vibrational response. In this blog, I will explore, by example, different modeling assumptions of bolted support feet and compare their influence on the structural response.