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Nick Veikos Eng.Sc.D. - President

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Dr. Nicholas M. Veikos is responsible for managing the operations of CAE Associates. Prior to taking on this role in 2000, he was responsible for managing all engineering consulting activities at the firm. He has over 30 years experience performing and supervising engineering analysis in a wide variety of engineering disciplines. During this time Nick developed a number of specialty-purpose finite element codes, devised automated analysis methodologies to produce optimal solutions, and authored hundreds of client reports presenting analysis results. His particular areas of technical expertise include finite element theory, structural dynamics, random vibrations, structural nonlinearities, and rotordynamics. Nick continues to play a major advisory role for consulting projects related to these areas and teaches classes in these disciplines.

Outside the office, he enjoys tennis, cycling, and action photography.


Eng.Sc.D., Mechanical Engineering, Columbia University

Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Columbia University

Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Columbia University

Recent Posts:

November 29, 2016

While clearing out some old papers in my study, I stumbled on my workout routine from 1996. Except for the degree of difficulty, which unfortunately decreased, I was surprised to see that it was basically identical to the one I use today. I believe it came from the timeless classic in this field: “Weight Training for Dummies”. I suppose the good news is that I’m still working out, but do I really believe that the set of exercises that were good for me in 1996 are the most beneficial for me 20 years later? Of course not.

August 30, 2016

Are all factories in the developed world headed towards the one in the picture? In spite of what you may hear in the media, I don’t believe so. However, the way to remain competitive is continuously changing and it is important for manufacturing business leaders to be agile and vigilant.