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Michael Bak Ph.D. Senior Engineering Manager

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Dr. Michael Bak brings over 30 years of experience in performing and managing all phases of mechanical engineering consulting projects. His expertise includes: finite element theory, linear and nonlinear structural analysis, heat transfer analysis, composite life prediction, fracture mechanics, computer programming, and applied mathematics. In addition, Mike teaches CAE Associates' full lineup of ANSYS training seminars, and provides hotline ANSYS support to our customers. Mike develops and teaches engineering courses as an adjunct professor and lecturer at Rensselaer in Hartford and Central Connecticut State University.

Outside of the office, Mike enjoys running, kayaking and working in his robust vegetable garden.


Ph.D., Applied Mechanics, University of Connecticut

Master of Science, Structural Engineering and Structural Mechanics, University of California at Berkeley

Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, Lehigh University

Recent Posts:

February 21, 2017

Creep is time-dependent straining under constant stress.  At high temperatures greater than half the melting point (using absolute temperatures), metals begin to creep.  Creep changes and damages the material and is manifested as overall elongation of a part leading to cracking and failure, as is shown in the turbine blade in Figure 1, above.

February 7, 2017

I enjoy discovering the meaning behind some common phrases that we use in everyday English. The term “top notch”, for example, describes something that is of high quality. One of the first references of this term is found in a poem from an 1835 issue of New England Farmer magazine: “But could you rustic rhymer climb/To top-notch of the true sublime.” In New England, where I live, a notch can refer to a mountain pass, so if you are at the “top notch”, you are close to the summit of the mountain.