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Chris Mesibov Senior Project Manager

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Chris Mesibov has over 25 years of electrical engineering experience with a strong concentration in signal integrity and analog circuit design.  Prior to joining  CAE Associates, Chris worked in the telecommunications industry performing signal integrity analysis and opto-electronic designs for ROADM systems. His signal integrity analysis experience includes developing high-speed interfaces, operating up to 40GHz using ANSYS HFSS. He also developed electronic hot swappable power systems, fan controllers and optical network protection switching for telecom applications. Chris developed RF/uWave test equipment for defense and wireless industries, and in this field he developed ultra-low noise power supplies, digital subsystems and optimized SSB block up-converter systems.

His current responsibilities include work on all phases of electrical engineering consulting projects, technical support of the ANSYS products, and teaching training ANSYS software training courses.

In his free time, Chris enjoys playing electronic keyboards, and SCUBA diving whenever he gets a chance.  He also likes to travel, and take his kids to Lake George NY every summer.


Bachelor of Engineering (BE), Electrical Engineering, Manhattan College

Recent Posts:

January 17, 2017

Recently my son, happy to help out, decided to run the dishwasher and the washing machine at the same time. Normally, the only concern would be running out of hot water during the two wash events. Instead the circuit breaker tripped, causing the clothes washing machine to go dark. It failed to turn back on after power was restored. To make matters worse, I unfortunately failed to buy the extended warranty for this 2-year-old washer.

November 15, 2016

In the 1st installment of this story we explored the three phases of board development where simulation can be applied. The project kickoff, all of the project stakeholders, and review process were described. Here, we explore the designer’s challenges in ensuring the design is going to work prior to completion of the PCB artwork.

Simulation support for challenges in making SI measurements in the lab