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Quality Assurance Program

CAE Associates' Quality Assurance Program meets industry requirements applied to FEA and CFD engineering work.

This program conforms to the stringent standards used in the nuclear industry, and was developed to satisfy nuclear-related quality and safety requirements for packaging, transportation, radioactive material storage, and other safety-related work. Specifically, it adheres to the applicable requirements of U.S. NRC document 10CFR50 Appendix B and also conforms to the demanding standards of the medical device and healthcare industry.

Our QA program provides basic policies and practices that specify requirements for:

  • personnel training, documentation
  • analysis verification
  • development and maintenance of computer programs
  • corrective action
  • document maintenance, control and storage

It also includes policies for the development of project quality plans that are tailored to the specific quality assurance needs of individual projects and include unique regulatory or customer QA requirements.

The CAE Associates QA program includes the following specific, detailed procedural requirements for:

  • Qualification and training of project personnel
  • Control of project activities
  • Use, control and verification of computer programs
  • Writing procedures
  • Document control
  • Control of design review activities
  • Corrective action
  • Generation, collection, storage and maintenance of quality assurance records
  • Quality assurance audits