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To improve your products and processes, our practiced structural FEA consulting engineers perform structural engineering analysis via finite element computer simulation.

Utilizing the powerful ANSYS software tools for finite element structural analysis, our solutions include stress analysis, vibration prediction, impact response, fatigue and crack growth analysis, composites analysis, along with other types of structural analysis services using FEA technology.

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Why CAE Associates?

We are acknowledged leaders in FEA of structures and provide comprehensive FEA engineering services across industries including aerospace, electronics, consumer products, civil-structural, energy, biomedical, and industrial machinery.

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Structural FEA & Consulting

  • Structural analysis requirements for aerospace components are generally the most demanding of all industries. Our FEA engineering solutions provide the accurate finite element structural analysis which is critical for robust and safe designs.
  • Strength and fatigue evaluations are essential to companies working with biomedical devices such as stents and implants. Our structural analysis consultants use a variety of FEA methods to perform finite element structural analysis, ensuring your products meet rigorous FDA standards.
  • One of the critical challenges faced by consumer products companies is delivering a functional product while minimizing raw material and manufacturing costs. We've applied our structural analysis services across a wide range of consumer products to improve optimization and provide robust designs.