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Expert analytical investigations of fatigue life prediction, including fatigue analysis and fracture failure analysis.

Get answers to your most pressing fatigue life prediction questions:

  • Will it break?
  • Why did it break?
  • Is my failure a fatigue or a fracture response, and what are the differences?
  • Is my design prone to low cycle fracture or to high cycle fatigue?
  • What is the margin of safety?
  • What inspection flaw size do I use?
  • What is the rate of crack growth?
  • What design changes will eliminate my fracture problem?
  • How could I optimize my structure against fatigue failure?

Using our FEA expertise, and our experience modeling material behavior, we perform detailed fatigue analysis, helping you with fatigue life prediction and crack growth simulation. Our expert consultants can determine the durability of components constructed from a variety of materials including alloys, graphite composites, plastics, synthetic rubbers, glass and concrete — under complex static, dynamic and thermal loading.

As part of our fatigue analysis services, we can calculate fatigue crack initiation life and perform subsequent fracture mechanics analysis to determine crack progression. Material failure modes include excessive yielding, creep, overload rupture, fatigue crack formation and fatigue crack growth. We have developed automated ANSYS routines in these areas and utilize a variety of resources to obtain basic material properties, which are key components of these analyses.

We use both fracture mechanics analysis and fatigue analysis to help you design components with desired durability and damage tolerance, and to establish inspection intervals. We help you understand the cause of field failures and estimate the number of future failures using statistically based analyses.

Why CAE Associates?

  • We have been performing analytical investigations of fatigue life prediction since 1981 across industries including aerospace, biomedical, civil engineering and electronics packaging. View case studies and client list.
  • You receive expert consulting, mentoring and training support from consultants who have come to us from nationally recognized research facilities. 

We offer seminars on fatigue and fracture mechanics analysis, as well as training classes in all key disciplines including ANSYS thermal, mechanical and computational fluid dynamics.

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