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Explicit dynamics solutions are well suited to physics that involve severe loads applied over a short period of time (on the order of micro- or milliseconds), or to solving highly non-linear problems, including large strain, eroding contact, and material failure.

Involving complex physics, explicit dynamics problems are often the most challenging to properly simulate. Factors to consider—typically ignored in traditional structural analyses—include failure laws, rate-dependent material behavior, re-meshing requirements, and wave propagation.

Getting an answer from an explicit dynamics simulation can be easy—getting the correct answer can be more difficult. Results from a simulation are normally very hard to validate using traditional techniques, making it critical that the analysis be performed carefully and thoroughly.

We are an acknowledged leader in explicit dynamics analysis, with many years of practical experience producing effective solutions for a wide range of applications, including:

We use a complementary set of software tools—ANSYS Explicit STR, ANSYS AUTODYN and ANSYS LS-Dyna—to produce the most effective solutions for each application.

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  • We are a leader in explicit dynamics analysis, with many years of practical experience.
  • We are familiar with what it takes to get the correct answer and convey the results to you in a meaningful way.

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