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Electronics Consulting Services Solve Your Electrical Design Challenges

Complete range of Electronics consulting services

Our Electronics services encompass Signal Integrity, Power Integrity, RF, Low Frequency Electromagnetics and Electro-mechanical simulation.

Diverse spectrum of applications

We provide timely solutions for industrial applications such as Antennas, Telecommunications Electronics, Telecommunication Optics, Avionics, Medical Electronics, Automotive electronics, Power Electronics, Electric Motors and more.

PCB simulation includes examining Signal integrity, Power integrity, EMI/EMC analysis as well as thermal analysis.

RF/Microwave applications include oscillator harmonic balancing, linear network analysis and matching circuit synthesis, filter design and synthesis, and antenna design and analysis.

Our Low Frequency solutions include rotating machine (motor/generator) simulation, actuators, magnetic design and induction circuit analysis.

Electronics projects completed in an accurate, timely and cost-effective manner

You work directly with our electronics consulting engineers throughout the entire life of your project.

Accuracy is paramount for us, so we employ the best-in-class electronics software tools from ANSYS, including: Maxwell, SIWave, and HFSS.

We employ a Quality Assurance program that meets strict industry standards for all quality-related work.

Learn Electronics simulation via training and mentoring

New to electronics analysis? Unlike other consulting companies, we’ll complete your first electronics simulation, then transfer the knowledge to you via training and mentoring.

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