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Our computational fluid dynamics (CFD) consultants solve a wide variety of industrial-flow related problems. Engagements can range from straightforward CFD analysis to evaluate the pressure-drop through a valve, to addressing more complex problems such as the design of novel aircraft and turbomachinery components.

CFD services can involve complex physics, including combustion, multi-phase and multi-species flow, and cavitation—intimidating concepts if you’re new to CFD analysis.

Our Approach to CFD Analysis Provides Clarity Instead of Complexity

First, our CFD consultants quickly and accurately distill each analysis down to its core components—the idealization phase, critical to meeting your expectations and utilizing the experience and expertise that differentiate us.

Then, we focus on the components most important to your required results and incrementally add fidelity. This way, we shape our CFD services to your exact requirements while providing a continuous stream of results to help you make design decisions.

Our CFD consultants provide clarity on what we’re finding all along the way. We explain not just the details of the CFD consulting services performed, but also the underlying physics of the observed phenomena.

Why CAE Associates?

Our CFD consultants have an average of 15 years of CFD analysis experience across many industries, ensuring you:

  • Receive an accurate, efficient CFD analysis that meets your timeline.
  • Acquire previously unknown understanding and insight from the results of the CFD analysis that enable you to make the right design decisions.

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