FEA Meshing Tips and Tricks


B.S. in engineering or engineering experience. Course assumes proficency with ANSYS Mechanical and the Workbench Environment.

Access to ANSYS Mechanical software (v15).


After geometry clean-up, meshing is generally the most time-consuming part of the simulation process. It is also one of the most important components of a valid solution – a bad mesh means a bad answer. There is always a struggle between getting a good mesh and getting one which keeps runtimes reasonable.  This online ANSYS training course taught by CAE Associates will cover common meshing tips for FEA using ANSYS Mechanical v15 in the Workbench environment. The meshing options that are available for 3D solids will be presented and applied to different geometries to illustrate how a quality mesh can be obtained with minimal effort. The meshing features in Workbench are vast and they can easily be used to produce high quality meshes. This class will provide an understanding of what's available and teach you how to apply it to your own geometry.

This course will provide tips and tricks, through lectures and demonstrations, for how to navigate the meshing process more effectively to generate a quality mesh which runs fast. For example; using meshing techniques that simplify the topology on dirty with geometry; improving the mesh to obtain higher accuracy results and checking the quality of the elements that are produced. Workshops are provided in this ANSYS training course to demonstrate features.

Day 1 - 10:00am - 12:00pm - Lecture

Day 2 - 10:00am 12:00pm - Instructor-Led Workshop Session and Q&A period


Topics Include:

  • Meshing procedure
  • Meshing methods
  • Mesh-based topology simplification
  • Selective meshing
  • Localized mesh refinement
  • Mesh quality checks

Instructor: Eric Stamper, M.S.M.E. has over 10 years analysis experience in a variety of industries and teaches our full lineup of ANSYS courses.

Online Course Information

This course consists of a 2 hour lecture session on Day 1. Day 2 consists of a two-hour instructor led workshop session and question and answer period.  A total of 4 PE credits will be awarded for attendance, after the completion of a course evaluation.

Instructions detailing how to obtain necessary course files, including manuals and workshop files, will be sent to you upon registration. 

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Please see our course cancellation policy for more details.

Contact Christina Capasso for more details about the course material or if you have any other questions at capasso@caeai.com, or (203) 758-2914.