Drop Test Modeling with ANSYS Workbench/ LS-Dyna


B.S. in engineering or engineering experience. Course assumes basic familiarity with the ANSYS Workbench Environment.

Access to ANSYS/ LS-Dyna software (v15).


The ability of products to withstand drop impact loads has become a critical design requirement for a wide range of products. Drop test modeling with ANSYS Workbench/LS-Dyna allows engineers to evaluate the ability of a design to satisfy these requirements, providing useful information about failure potential, component separation, packaging effectiveness, and damaging local accelerations. This can help engineers make decisions about how to improve packaging, adjust existing designs, or decide which design to down-select before making a prototype. The goal of this online training course is to introduce the Workbench/LS-Dyna tool and explain how it can be used effectively to set up, solve, and review results for drop test simulations. Each critical step in the modeling process will be described and examples will be included. Demonstrations and hands-on workshops are included to reinforce the concepts and methods presented.

Day 1 - 10:00am - 12:00pm - Lecture

Day 2 - 10:00am 12:00pm - Instructor-Led Workshop Session and Q&A period


Topics Include:

  • Meshing with solids and shells for ANSYS /LS-Dyna
  • Assigning materials
  • Defining contacts
  • Creating the impact surface and changing the impact orientation
  • Applying initial velocities
  • Assigning LS-Dyna time, section, and hourglass controls
  • Reviewing critical results such as deflections, stresses, and strains

Instructor: Steve Hale, M.S.M.E. has over 20 years experience in finite element modeling and with ANSYS/LS-Dyna and has worked extensively on drop test analyses.

Online Course Information

This course consists of a 2 hour lecture session on Day 1. Day 2 consists of a two-hour instructor led workshop session and question and answer period.  A total of 4 PE credits will be awarded for attendance, after the completion of a course evaluation.

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