ANSYS Rigid Body Dynamics with Flexible Mechanisms


Introduction to ANSYS Mechanical (Workbench). ANSYS Mechanical (Workbench) - Dynamics is also suggested.


The ANSYS Rigid Body Dynamics with Flexible Mechanisms training course covers rigid and flexible body kinematics analysis in ANSYS Mechanical.

Mechanical systems often contain complex assemblies of interconnected parts undergoing large overall motion: suspension assembles in ground vehicles, robotic manipulators in manufacturing processes and landing gear systems in aircraft, for example. Simulating the motion of these systems by assuming fully flexible parts and then deploying traditional finite elements methods for the solution is computationally expensive. For a faster, more efficient solution, the ANSYS Rigid Body Dynamics add-on module provides inexpensive, robust analysis of rigid multibody dynamics.  ANSYS Rigid Body Dynamics is included with a Mechanical Enterprise license at v17.

Students attending this one-day training course will learn how to perform a rigid body analysis using rigid links between joints of a multi-bodied structure. In addition, students will learn how to perform a flexible body analysis by activating flexibility in some or all of the links. This course includes hands-on workshops.

The advantages of a rigid body analysis include:

  • Very fast solutions
  • Very robust, no convergence issues
  • Graphics provide complete visualization of the part motion
  • Can be used interactively to test kinematics

The advantages of a flexible body analysis include:

  • Bodies can be flexible
  • All nonlinearities are supported
  • All boundary conditions are supported
  • Surface to surface contact between bodies can be included
  • Rigid or flexible can be used on a part by part basis

Course Topics:

  • Introduction to ANSYS Rigid and Flexible Dynamic Analysis
  • Rigid Body Dynamic Setup
  • Joints and Springs
  • Rigid Body Dynamic Solution Setup and Joint Conditions
  • Rigid Body Dynamic Postprocessing
  • Flexible Dynamic Analysis

General Information

Seminars begin promptly at 9 a.m. and finish at approximately 5 p.m. each day. Please arrive by 8:45 a.m. The seminar fee includes: course manuals, full color workshop manuals, & instruction. Coffee & donuts in the morning & lunch are provided for each student.  Students must make their own travel arrangements. CAE Associates recommends against purchasing non-refundable airline tickets. Please see our course cancellation policy for more details.