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CAE University | ANSYS Training

CAE Associates offers many different ANSYS training classes in CFD and FEA.  Training is an important component of success for any engineer doing analysis.

In most cases, an introductory ANSYS training class isn’t enough to reach an adequate level of proficiency. It is sometimes difficult to know what training may be best for your application. To help you decide on the best program of study needed to develop and enhance your simulation expertise, CAE Associates has developed “CAE University.”  Based on the type of analysis you want to master, below are suggested groups of courses that will best develop your skills in various simulation areas.

If there is a class or subject area that you are interested in, but do not see offered, please contact us. We can always create a training class geared to your company’s specifications or requirements. It can be a class for an entirely different subject, or a custom combination of selected topics from the general classes that we offer.

Structural Mechanics Analysis Program



Explicit Dynamics Analysis Program



Fluid Dynamics Program


Heat Transfer Analysis Program



* Denotes class is taught using the traditional interface (MAPDL).  Advanced classes require a working knowledge of this interface.

As a complement to our in-class training, you can view our ANSYS e-Learning videos, which present specific topics in a series of brief, 30 minute sessions. They assume that the viewer has taken the basic training classes and is generally familiar with the use of the ANSYS tools.

Please contact us if you would like additional information on the curriculum presented here or to register for any of these classes.

  • ANSYS e-Learning Series

    Our technical team has developed a series of live online webinars to help our customers maximize their ANSYS software investment.  We invite you to join us for our upcoming sessions!

  • Mentoring

    Often, mentoring is the best approach for obtaining fast results on a project and, at the same time, for acquiring knowledge in-house that your engineers can then pass along to others.

  • Customize Your Training

    Tailor any ANSYS training course to meet the unique requirements of your company.