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Why a Blog?

September 1, 2013 By: Nick Veikos

This was the question I received (expletives deleted) from our engineering team when I first proposed that CAE Associates should start its own blog. The cacophony of “Are you nuts – don’t we have enough to do?”, “We are engineers, not authors”, and “There are lots of ANSYS blogs already out there” was frightening. Once calm was restored by handing everyone a beer (or two), I tried to plead my case.

I noted that by focusing on engineering simulation for over 30 years and working with hundreds of different clients, we have a pretty unique perspective on this discipline. Very few organizations have this rich history of engineering consulting experience from which to draw upon. I then made the point that among our senior engineering team, we have over 250 man-years of know-how in FEA and CFD analysis. That is a lot of engineering knowledge to be kept inside our heads. So why not share it with our clients, rather than allowing it to be buried in the catacombs of our brains along with such things as college art history essays and old gym locker combinations?

I explained further, that the things we take for granted because we do analysis every day are not necessarily obvious to those that don’t. These arguments helped shore up my proposal for most. The rest of the convincing was accomplished using tactics I’d rather not reveal here. As a result, the members of the CAE Associates team are now officially bloggers!

We hope to convey a variety of useful information about FEA and CFD analysis to our readers. Our focus will be on general analysis best practices and overall philosophy rather than the specifics of how to do things using the ANSYS software. There are lots of other blogs, training material, and resources on our website to help with that aspect. We want to provide something we feel is unique and best leverages our expertise. The emphasis will be on how to approach and solve FEA and CFD analysis problems, what to look out for, and pitfalls to stay clear of. Posts will be written by different team members, so writing styles will vary, as will content. The overarching goal is to provide value to our readers.

We hope you enjoy the posts. Please reply, comment, ask questions, and provide topics you would like us to talk more (or less) about. We love a good argument as much as the next guy, so feel free to post your own thoughts – especially if they differ from ours. We thank you for reading and look forward to some engaging discussions!