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It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

March 6, 2015 By: Patrick Cunningham

Those of you who have met me may detect a hint of sarcasm.  We are at the tail end of a record-breaking winter that shows no sign of giving in to spring. I love the outdoors and the seasonal living we enjoy in New England but there are limits. Weeks of single digit temperatures, snowfalls measured in feet, and needing show shoes to get to my bird feeder have made this winter a bit surreal. There's talk of suing that poor groundhog but if you pulled me out of a nice warm hutch in the dead of winter every year, I'd lie to get peoples'  hopes up just to get back at the goofy guy in the top hat.

One bright spot in this dreary landscape is that ANSYS Inc., recently released version 16, their latest and greatest engineering software for structural, fluid and electromagnetic analysis. What this means for the folks here at CAE Associates is that it's time to gather and try to make sense of an onslaught of release notes and technology webinars on all the new features of the latest release.

Engineers are pretty skeptical characters and when somebody shows them something "new and improved" we start looking to see if there's a catch.  At CAE Associates we like to shorten that process for our customers by developing our own demonstrations for our yearly ANSYS Update Seminars. It is a time consuming and often difficult process to condense the new release information into a concise and logical flow, but the seminars also give us the opportunity to get out and meet the folks we support in a friendly face to face environment. Our Update Seminars revolve around the demonstrations but we also open up time on the breaks for folks to mingle and share ideas across companies and disciplines. 

So come on out and join us this year for the v16 Update Seminars!  It'll get you out of the office for a day and you'll return with some tips and tricks to help you be more efficient in your analysis work. If you are in the Connecticut area, we are holding the seminar at a new location: the New England Air Museum! The Long Island seminar is at Brookhaven National Lab and we're hosting another  in Rockaway, New Jersey.  You can learn more about the seminar here. Hope to see you there!