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CivilFEM for ANSYS Software

When combined with the quality (ISO-9001) and robust functionality of ANSYS, CivilFEM technology creates an engineering solution spanning static, dynamic, linear and non-linear problems, that no other single code can match.

CivilFEM for ANSYS software is a customized version of ANSYS, tailored for advanced civil/structural-engineering applications. Combining state-of-the-art features of ANSYS—the world leader in simulation—with the high-end civil-engineering structural analysis capabilities of CivilFEM gives engineers access to the world's most advanced, comprehensive and reputable finite element and design software for civil-engineering applications.

Applications suited for CivilFEM software are high-rise buildings, bridges, seismic calculations, offshore structures, power plants, soil mechanics, dams and tunnels. Code checking incorporated into CivilFEM includes:

  • Eurocode
  • Russian SP
  • ACI
  • Brazilian Code
  • ASTM
  • British Code
  • AISC
  • Chinese Code

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Advanced CivilFEM for ANSYS Software Modules 

Advanced Pre-stressed Concrete Module
Offers best-in-class features providing an easy-to-use interface to handle any type of pre-stressed concrete structure.

Capabilities and components:

  • 3D tendon geometry editor
  • Pre-stressing losses
  • Transference of the pre-stressing actions
  • Applies to any pre-stressed concrete structure such as slabs and silos

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Bridge and Civil Nonlinearities Module
Provides a complete solution for solving static, dynamic, linear and non-linear problems with tools that utilize the latest in FEA technology. Powerful wizards generate mesh and loads, and evaluate designs using Caltrans and AASHTO bridge codes.

Capabilities and components:

  • Library of common bridge cross sections
  • Pre-stressed concrete utilities
  • Bridge layout design (plan and elevation views)
  • Construction sequence analysis
  • Automatic generation of the finite element model (beam and shell elements)
  • Detailed analysis of piers, cross-bracings, diaphragms, etc.
  • Suspension/cable-stayed bridge model wizards
  • Moving load generator (vehicle library)
  • Automatic surface load generator
  • Civil nonlinearities
  • Moment-curvature diagrams

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Geotechnical Module
Provides 2D and 3D soil mechanics solutions using any combination of beam, shell and solid elements. The interface solves complex structural and soil-structure interaction problems; the analysis accounts for non-linear materials, geometry and contact conditions, as well as the design checking of the structural elements. Applications include tunnels, dams, piles and micro piles, foundation slabs, geotextiles/geogrids, reinforced soils and retaining structures.

Capabilities and components:

  • Soil and rock library
  • Retaining structures
  • Generation of layered soils
  • Underground structures (tunnels)
  • Superficial foundations
  • Improvement of soils
  • Deep foundations

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SAP2000 to ANSYS Model Translator
A plug-in developed by CAE Associates that works seamlessly within the ANSYS Mechanical APDL framework using a wizard-driven graphical user interface. It reads in the SAP2000 database tables that have been exported from SAP2000 in text format (*.$2k file), and translates the SAP2000 entities into ANSYS native geometry and finite element entities. The subsequent model can be used in any type of ANSYS analysis, with or without modification.

What Our Clients Say

“ANSYS has always been a powerful tool for solving advanced structural problems, such as arch buckling, evolutive process, etc. With the addition of CivilFEM, it has now become a decisive tool in the entire design and project of bridges such as our Sil River Bridge in Leon, Spain.

When analyzing large bridges, you must take into account many structural features—different materials, types of section, construction process ... CivilFEM Preprocessor provides ANSYS all the information it needs to run the analysis. CivilFEM Postprocessor then allows you to check your model using several international codes, quickly and safely confirming that the solution proposed for the bridge is valid.

This process eventually yields a highly accurate answer to our clients' requests, with considerable savings in the amount of time spent developing the whole project, and with significant cost savings for the constructed bridge.”

Jorge Pérez Armiño, A.T.P. Ingeniería, S.L.

Why CAE Associates?

  • With CivilFEM for ANSYS, we offer an engineering solution no other single code can match.
  • We provide our clients with the powerful combination of expertise with the CivilFEM for ANSYS software and 30+ years of practical experience in many types of civil engineering structural analysis.
  • We can get you jump-started on your project through customized CivilFEM for ANSYS training.


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