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Carolyn Riccardelli, Conservator, Sherman Fairchild Center for Objects Conservation, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Tullio team at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MMA) had the great privilege of working with CAE Associates for several years. Pat and Mike were extremely adept at explaining complicated structural and computational issues to art conservators who were initially unfamiliar with many of the concepts of finite element analysis. While they had never worked on a sculpture project before, they worked closely with the MMA team to understand our very specific goals and the ethical requirements of art conservators. In this way, the Tullio project was ultimately a collaboration between art conservators and engineers, each group bringing their expertise to the table. CAEA’s analytical contribution was critical to the Tullio conservation team, allowing them to make difficult decisions that would have a major impact on the treatment of the sculpture. We are indebted to them for their excellent work on this challenging and unusual project.

Bob Glanville, Westfall Manufacturing
There's no question CAEA's FEA work and comprehensive documentation proved the mixer will have the long-term durability this customer required.

Victoria Smith, Institute Manager, Neukom Institute for Computational Science, Dartmouth College
Without question, it was one of our best [Donoho] colloquia ever and all of the feedback has been nothing short of lauditory.

Ted Trembinski, Exelis Inc.
I've known CAE Associates for over 20 years. They are knowledgeable, friendly and extremely helpful. Their team of experienced professionals has always offered courteous and immediate assistance. They are the best!

Andy Roemer, Proton OnSite
I have utilized CAE Associates for their consulting and mentoring services.  I had a CFD simulation task to complete that I did not have the experience or the time to complete within the deadline.  CAEA was hired to conduct the transient CFD analysis for us.  Dr. Tsuei was responsible for the simulation setup, running the analysis, and results interpretation. The analysis was completed within our expected time frame and the results correlated well with our testing.  Since we will need to perform similar simulations in the near future, the work done by Dr. Tsuei was used as the foundation for a mentoring session.  The mentoring session was a very comprehensive review of all the steps necessary to perform the simulation including a thorough review of the meshing process, model setup, the physics selected,  and results interpretation. CAEA has helped prepare me to meet the growing simulation needs of ProtonOnSite, and I look forward to working with them on an ongoing basis as we expand our simulation capabilities.

Mark Minisi, U.S. Army ARDEC
CAE Associates' assistance was crucial during the first phase of developing gelatin impact models. Their technical approach was very effective including an incremental approach from simple lagrangian to complex eularian models.They have repeatedly proven to have outstanding skills in the field of engineering and FEA. CAE Associates is continuously helpful to the US Army and its efforts. 

Stephen Plate, Brookhaven National Laboratory
After weeks of experiencing difficulties in getting a complicated thermal and mechanical Workbench model to solve properly, I decided to contract with CAE Associates for some help. This decision paid off well. Via exchanged phone calls and emails, the model was analyzed in detail by CAE Associates, the problem areas were identified by them, and improvements were made that provided realistic results and enhanced run time. Equally important, through working with them my knowledge base was increased so that I am better equipped for future analyses. It was a very positive experience.

Guan Zhixu, MAKO Surgical Corp.
The one-on-one mentoring/consulting session was professional; the material delivery was clear, well structured and thorough.  Not only am I happy with the results, but also enjoyed the process.  They are truly pleasant to work with.

Steve Lyle, The Timken Company
We had a design for an engine control mechanism with a complex system of interconnected flow paths and we needed a CFD model to understand flow characteristics and pressures within. Dr. Tsuei at CAE Associates was able to mesh the complex flow domain geometry in ICEM and solve a CFX model for the flow characteristics we needed. In addition, CAE Associates provided us with the training we required to not only run their CFX model with modified geometry and input parameters but also to apply additional CFD modeling techniques to the problem.

ITT Industries, K and M Electronics, Inc.
CAE Associates developed a set of design rules that K and M Electronics applies when using Chip Scale Packages (CSP) in power supplies to insure the thermal cycle life of Night Vision System products. Predicted and measured life was within 5%. Establishing design rules was a highly non-linear problem and CAE Associates was very insightful in setting up the solution concepts. At this point, we just use the design rules for other configurations thus saving us the cost of FEA analysis and destructive testing!

Ralph Dallabetta, Catalytica Energy Systems
It has been a pleasure working with you. I was especially pleased with the fast response when we had questions or could not get the files or plots to show up properly. Again, thanks.

Timothy McCaffery, GE Aircraft Engines
Everything looks great. We will ship the first production combustor with the fixes that resulted from all the analysis today. Thanks for the great job.

Jenny Yuan, Ethicon Inc. (A Johnson & Johnson Company)
You did a wonderful job on these FEA studies. I am really happy [with] your work.I [am] going to come up with an optimal design based on these DOE results. Thank you very much. It is truly a pleasure to work with you.

Karen Plutte, Westinghouse Electric Company
Thank you so much for your very prompt and thorough services over the past 24 hours. I truly appreciate your willingness to support Westinghouse on such short notice. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Mark S. Goodin, ICON Interventional Systems Inc.
Everyone here was very impressed with the analyses that you sent to us. It really helps to be able to see the [deformation] and resulting strain level increases.