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Frances Gonzalez, Sikorsky Aircraft
The “Introduction to ANSYS Mechanical (Workbench)” class CAE Associates taught me and my fellow peers was great! I am not exaggerating when I say that the instructor should have definitely considered becoming a professor. While the class taught me a lot, it left me eager to learn more.

Christopher Wilson, Goodrich Sensors & Integrated Systems
The custom training course presented by CAE Associates allowed Goodrich engineers to quickly determine the capability of ANSYS to solve their unique aerospace product analytical challenges. CAE assembled a one day training course that allowed the engineering team to understand how to start from an existing design, build a finite element model, define the applicable loads and boundary conditions and to achieve reliable results. We are happy to have CAE available to support our unique training needs.

Andy Roemer, Proton OnSite
In order to take full advantage of the ANSYS features, I attended several classes at CAEA.  The structural analysis classes and the CFX specific training was very valuable, and I was able to get right to work setting up and performing simulations upon my return to work.  The classroom and facility was well set up, and the instructors were all very knowledgeable.  They all provided a great classroom experience, and made themselves available during and after class to answer questions. 

Gavin Tully, Tyco Telecommunications
I just wanted to say thanks for the course. I really got a lot of my small questions answered and I thought the course was very informative and well taught. I hope to attend more advanced courses in the future.

Carlos J. Sarria, Pratt and Whitney
Thank you for these 5 days you spent with us. It has been by far the most rewarding course I have taken so far in my professional career. Hopefully I'll see you later at another course.

Vince Tomassetti, GE Aviation
Excellent class. Received a more in-depth understanding of what [ANSYS] is doing behind the scenes, and why certain settings/options that we use work the way they do. The class notes will be an outstanding reference going forward. We would be hard-pressed to find a better instructor!

Hank Bailey, AREVA
I would like to thank you for the training. It was extremely informative, very useful and the training booklets contained perfect examples and information.Hopefully we will have the opportunity to take another training session from you. Thanks again.

Michael Walsh, Lucius Pitkin
I've done a lot of teaching and its tough maintaining a lively demeanor for 8 hours straight in a technical course. You do extremely well. I could have sat for several hours more, my attention bulb was lit. It's easy to see you know your subject matter.

Dianbo Li, Hamilton Sundstrand
Thank you! I appreciate your help. Now can I can have one successful run in anhour instead of hours.

Anton J. Landgrebe, QuEST, LLC
Excellent one-day course, excellent instruction. Peter Barrett's casual but information-packed, fast-paced teaching approach resulted in an informative, comfortable class.

Rob Martin, Allied Aerospace Industries Inc.
The class was very helpful and I have completed my first ANSYS project. I tried the problem with three methods…The results were similar…Not bad for a beginner. Thanks again for the class. Great combination of lecture and practical workshops.

Thomas J. Vasko, Ph.D., PE, Pratt and Whitney
Congratulations!…It is my pleasure to inform you that the ETU class "ANSYS - Introduction"…received an overall MFA rating of 6.5 from the students who attended. The Market Feedback Analysis (MFA) is a range of 1-7, with 7 being Outstanding. This [award] is to recognize you not only for the time you spent to prepare and deliver this training that well exceeded the student's expectations, but also for your continued support of the ETU efforts to provide technical training for the flawless execution of Standard Work to the Engineering community at Pratt & Whitney.

Jo-Ann Barbieri Theriault, Pratt and Whitney
THANK YOU for an AWESOME class...! It was exactly what I was looking for. I learned a LOT, and had fun as well. I think all the students really appreciated your sense of humor, and your understanding of what it is like to sit in a chair all day and try to focus on one subject. Also, the course notes are excellent - very easy to understand and thorough. I recommended the class to other people I work with here in Materials Engineering.

Nate Hick, GE Transportation
Course was excellent! I will definitely apply what I learned in my daily duties.Thanks to the instructor for a great class!

Kerry Sullivan, GE Transportation
I developed a basic knowledge of ANSYS that I can get started with and build upon. Great training booklets!

Jacob Virkler, AeroComposites
The instructor is very interested in what we are using ANSYS for; eager to help with specific issues.

Marian Ungareanu, ASML
Good balance between software usage presentation and the selected examples and excercises.

Roseanne Crocket
Good pace and examples. The examples and theories are explained rather than just worked out without knowing how or why.

Steve Femia, GE
Give this guy a raise! He is both knowledgeable and helpful, and he knows how to have fun while he teaches. He meets each student at their individual level and rasies their expertise.

Amaya Frost, Ametek
You were all very helpful with questions that didn't exactly pertain to the class.The instructor was very willing to answer questions on outside topics.

Anil Saluniche, GE
George is a great instructor. He led the class at the right pace giving everyone ample time to understand the overall arrangement of topics was also good.

Matt Taurus, Hamilton Sundstrand
Overall a very good course. Intstructor was very knowledgeable on software and the underlying engineering principles.

Joe Remic, Westinghouse
The course was extremely well organized and conducted. I would recommend this course to any other person that wished to learn ANSYS.