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Andy Roemer, Proton On Site
We recently purchased ANSYS from CAE Associates to meet our growing requirements for advanced simulations, both structural and CFD.  In order to take full advantage of the ANSYS features, I attended several classes at CAEA.  The structural analysis classes and the CFX specific training was very valuable, and I was able to get right to work setting up and performing simulations upon my return to work.  The classroom and facility was well set up, and the instructors were all very knowledgeable.  They all provided a great classroom experience, and made themselves available during and after class to answer questions.  In addition to the classroom training, I have also utilized CAEA for their consulting and mentoring services.  I had a CFD simulation task to complete that I did not have the experience or the time to complete within the deadline.  CAEA was hired to conduct the transient CFD analysis for us.  Dr. Tsuei was responsible for the simulation setup, running the analysis, and results interpretation.  The analysis was completed within our expected time frame and the results correlated well with our testing.  Since we will need to perform similar simulations in the near future, the work done by Dr. Tsuei was used as the foundation for a mentoring session.  The mentoring session was a very comprehensive review of all the steps necessary to perform the simulation including a thorough review of the meshing process, model setup, the physics selected,  and results interpretation. CAEA has helped prepare me to meet the growing simulation needs of ProtonOnSite, and I look forward to working with them on an ongoing basis as we expand our simulation capabilities.

Yuwei Shi, Parsons Corporation
The technical support at CAE Associates has always offered us immediate assistance and knowledgeable advice, especially Peter Barrett and Eric Stamper who have given us insight into various aspects of the analysis of bridge structures. Their support for us has covered many different types of bridge structures, such as suspension bridges, cable-stayed bridges and arch bridges. They are a group of experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge who are always there, ready to help.

Ralph Woelfel, Alliant Techsystems
I'm very impressed with the job CAE Associates is doing in supporting the ANSYS community. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, courteous, and never condescending. The engineers providing support and training are heavily experienced in a wide range of disciplines and will provide you with a practitioner's insight while fielding your questions.

Oleg Saltykov, Siemens
CAE Associates is an excellent source of support for ANSYS users ranging from a telephone conference to on-site training & personal mentoring. CAE Associates experts have diverse experience in various technical disciplines, they can help to resolve any issues related to simulation.

Tony Portelinha, Sikorsky Aircraft
In a production environment that is always changing, it's a relief to know CAE Associates are providing technical support and software in a timely manner. Along with this, they provide informational seminars on new product features and releases.

Robert Dillworth, ITT Defense Electronics and Services
I've been a CAE Associates customer for over 11 years now, and during that time they've been nothing less than knowledgeable, responsive, and dependable--professionals in every sense of the word. Their training seminars and hotline tech support for all ANSYS products add substantial additional value to an already valuable product line. Current ANSYS users in the Northeast U.S. already know the great team they have in CAE; ANSYS users to come will find just the same.

Chuck Marrs, Dominon Nuclear Connecticut
Thank you for your help...  It is much appreciated.  Great service.  I know I can count on you if the need arises again for assistance.

Thomas J. Vasko, P.h.D, PE, Pratt & Whitney
Your presentation was extremely informative and very interesting. It was instrumental in making the meeting a successful event. You have a wide variety of applications where you have used LS-DYNA (from batteries to aerospace to medical applications) and it was interesting to see overviews of them. It was also interesting to see the new features in ANSYS/LS-DYNA, especially because we do run that application at Pratt. People have mentioned that we should have similar "vendor" presentations at future events, but we may never have one with such wide appeal and as interesting as yours.

Shantanu Sane, GE Global Research
I tried the solution you provided for speeding up my ANSYS material macro. It worked magic on my problem. The runtime went down from 25 minutes to <20 sec. This is pretty impressive and means a lot to my project. Thanks for being awesome!

Barry Benedict, Pratt & Whitney
I think you have done a fantastic job supporting Pratt & Whitney. I have mentioned that opinion to [others] several times, but have never taken the time to send you a note with my personal thanks.

John Reinhard, UTC Aerospace Systems
The feedback I heard from your presentation was good. We appreciate the time and effort it takes. We don't get this type of personalized service from [our other software providers].